Project information

  • Category: Graphic design
  • Client: Personal
  • Project date: 01 June, 2023
  • Project URL: N/A

The S7VEN Brand

S7VEN is a brand aimed at offering software solutions and Bespoke creative digital resources to boost big and small ventures and take them to the next level. The name "S7VEN" read as "seven" is the phonetic transcription of name of number 7 in English. This number symbolizes perfection. within some cultures, so we use it under this context transmitting our perfectionist image printed on each one of the products and services offered. The color palette consists of a dark blue (#0200da) that relates perfectly to the technology sector, and helps us to convey confidence and professionalism; white follower (#000000) and black (#ffffff), two pure colors that add elegance to the brand.